As scary as it may sound the universe will end eventually, there are many theories and possibilitys that it may happen however.

The Big crunchEdit

220px-Big Crunch

The Big crunch

This is one possible scenario for the fate of the universe.

The name of this event is much like the opposite "the big bang" instead the universe itself has imploded into itself causing another big bang or the collapsing universe crushes itself into a singularity, ergo, a Black hole in an empty space.

How this can happen-

Imaging the universe's big bang continuously expanding like a balloon inflating itself, soon enough it will end up deflating into itself dragging everything inside into one tight singularity.

The Big freezeEdit

If the universe continues to expand from the big bang, things will start to get cold and won't have the ability to substain life. In the end, if this does continue and this fate proceeds then all that will remain are supermassive blackholes, untill the last will evaporate.